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Owners' Rights and Responsibilities

As a unit owner, you have the right and responsibility to:

  • Vote on matters presented to the owners for a vote;
  • Have access to common areas, subject to the bylaws and rules;
  • Get information on the management or administration of the corporation;
  • Inform yourself about the Condominium Act, the declaration, bylaws and rules setting out the policies and the governance of the condominium corporation;
  • Abide by the Act, the declaration, and the bylaws and the rules, and to have your family, tenants and guests do so;
  • Participate in governing the condominium corporation by attending general meetings and serving on the board or on a committee;
  • Buy insurance on your unit and your own belongings;
  • Pay all condominium contributions and assessments on time;
  • Take legal action to resolve disputes with the corporation, the board or other owners;
  • Legally challenge improper conduct of a developer, condominium corporation, director or employee of the corporation, director or other owner.