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May Tower II Operating Expenditures

These budget categories were supplied along with the 2002-2003 budget but mostly they apply to all budgets.

  1. Utilities
    1. Gas
      The water for the fan coil heating system will be heated by natural gas. In addition, all domestic hot water used within the building and corridor fresh air will be heated by natural gas
    2. Hydro
      The budget provides for all domestic electricity used in common area, lobby and power for mechanical systems and lighting
    3. Water
      The budget provides for all domestic water used in common area and includes the cost of for make-up water to the heating and air-conditioning system.
    4. Telephone
      Cost associated with the telephone system, Bell service for office, security, elevator, phone lines and office fax line.
  2. On-Site Wages & Benefits – Payroll
    1. Superintendent
      Cost associated with one full-time superintendent inclusive of benefits.
    2. Benefits
  3. Contracts – On-Site Personnel
    1. Cleaning
      Cost associated with the housekeeping of the building common area, inclusive of uniforms, supplies, equipment, and building carpet cleaning.
    2. Concierge
      Provision for concierge/guard in main lobby, 24 hours x 7 days, including statutory holidays, and uniforms.
  4. Contracts
    1. Carpet Cleaning
      Cost associated with the building common area carpet cleaning once per year including mats for a total of two carpet cleanings per annum (one with cleaning contract).
    2. Elevator
      Cost associated with the comprehensive monthly elevator maintenance, inclusive of emergency calls (after hours), equipment repair.
    3. Fire Alarm Monitoring
      Cost associated with outside alarm monitoring station
    4. Annual Fire Alarm Test
      Costs associated with the annual fire system test and certification of audio system panel, fire extinguishers, sprinklers, and fire pump. Monthly inspection according to the Ontario Fire Code.
    5. Garage Cleaning
      Provision for cleaning the underground garage power wash and catch basins once per annum.
    6. Garbage Chute
      Costs associated with the disinfecting and power cleaning twice (2) per annum of the compactor and building garbage chute.
    7. HVAC Mechanical
      Costs associated with the monthly preventive maintenance of all the mechanical equipment, comprehensive of mechanical repairs exclusive of non- moving parts, bi-annual boiler maintenance shut-down/stan-up.
    8. HVAC Chiller
      Cost associated with the preventive maintenance/comprehensive mechanical repair, start-up/shut-down of the chiller/cooling tower air-conditioning system.
    9. HVAC Chemical
      Costs associated with the chemical maintenance of the water distribution system on a monthly basis.
    10. Indoor Plant
      Cost associated with the weekly comprehensive interior plant maintenance.
    11. Landscaping/Snow Removal
      Cost associated with the seasonal snow plowing, salting and snow removal, and the seasonal weekly landscaping.
    12. Management
      Cost associated with the Management agreement as forms part of the disclosure document
    13. Pest Control
      Cost associated with the monthly servicing of the common area.
    14. Indoor Pool Contract
      Cost associated with the weekly pool maintenance and chemical supply.
    15. Window Washing
      Cost associated with the exterior building window washing, one (1) time per annum.
    16. Miscellaneous
      Cost associated with miscellaneous expenditure.
  5. Amenities Pool & Maintenance
    1. Pool Repair & Maintenance
      Cost associated with the repair/replacement of pool, spa, and steam room equipment.
  6. Building Safety Feature Expense
    1. General Building Safety
      Costs associated with the equipment repair of the enterphone system, in-suite alarm panel system and monitors.
    2. Generator
      Cost associated with the preventive maintenance of the emergency generator system.
    3. Fire Equipment
      Cost associated with the fire alarm system repair.
    4. Enter-phone
      Cost associated with the enter-phone service provided by “Bell Canada”
    5. Radio
      Cost associated with the rental of the Mike system
  7. Housekeeping & Maintenance
    1. Carpet Repair
      Cost associated with any miscellaneous repairs. E.g. cigarette burns.
    2. Cleaning Supplies
      Cost associated with cleaning supplies, garbage chute deodorizer, change room toiletries, and garbage bags.
    3. Painting / Decorating
      Cost associated with painting/drywall repair due to floods and up keep.
    4. Garage Door
      Cost associated with the repair of the garage door.
    5. Hardware & Doors
      Cost associated with repair of locks, doors, and door closures.
    6. Maintenance Supplies
      Cost associated with the purchase of small tools and supplies.
    7. Signage
      Cost associated with the common area signs.
    8. Small Equip. Repair/Fan Coil
      Con associated with the repair/replacement of in-suite fan coil parts.
    9. Windows
      Cost associated with the repair of windows to the common element and units that are not covered by the Corporation Insurance policy.
    10. Miscellaneous
      Cost associated with the biannual tractor maintenance, garbage bin repair, and garbage chute repair.
  8. Electrical Expenses
    1. Bulbs & Parts
      Costs associated with the purchase of bulbs, ballast, transformer, and fixtures.
    2. Electrical Miscellaneous
      Cost associated with infrared scanning and repairs of the main electrical transformer.
  9. Exterior Repair & Maintenance
    1. Annual Planting/Calcium
      Cost associated with the annual planting and calcium pellet purchasing.
    2. Tagging
      Cost associated with the tagging of illegally parked vehicles.
  10. Mechanical Expenses
    1. Annual Fan Coil
      Cost associated with the bi-annual preventive maintenance of in-suite fan coil units and filters.
    2. Plumbing
      Cost associated with repair by outside trades to domestic hot water or plumbing systems.
  11. Other Operating Expenses
    1. Building Improvements
      Costs associated with staff Christmas Bonus, Halloween, Christmas, and building improvements.
    2. Consulting
      Costs associated with professional fees such as legal and engineering.
  12. Insurance Expense
    1. Building Insurance
      Costs associated with Directors and Officers liability, public liability, master key coverage, sewer back-up, earthquake, flood, professional fee, boiler and machinery.
    2. Insurance Deductible
    3. Insurance Appraisal
    4. Insurance Trustee
  13. General & Administrative
    1. Annual General Meeting
      Cost associated with the annual general meeting packages, stamps, rentals, catering, and AGM minute taking
    2. Audit Fee
      Cost associated with the annual third party audit “Furlong & Company”.
    3. Meeting Cost
      Cost associated with the monthly Board Meeting minute taker
    4. Office Expense
      Cost associated with the purchasing of office supplies and equipment repair.
    5. Duplicating
      Cost associated with. the lease of the photocopier and photocopying charges
    6. Uniforms
    7. Miscellaneous
      Cost associated with courier charges.

The History of the Budget at May Tower II

Individual Unit Assessment: The monthly common charge for each unit is determined by dividing the total budget common assessment by 12 (months in a year) and by multiplying each unit's percentage contribution to common expenses.