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General Information For All Residents

Please read the following guidelines as they will help to contribute to a safe, comfortable and enjoyable environment for all residents. We cordially invite you to take a few moments of your time to read through this welcome package so that you may also contribute to this common goal.

Deliveries of letters and parcels

The Concierge will be glad to accept parcels on your behalf provided that a waiver is pre-signed. Waiver forms can be obtained from the Concierge. Please note that the Concierge will not be accepting perishable goods, such as food or flowers.

Registered mail will NOT be accepted to avoid the possibility of legal issues that may arise.

Hours for moving / delivery

Moving hours are:

  1. Mondays, Wednesdays & Saturdays:
    9:00 am to 7:00 pm;
  2. Tuesdays, Thursdays & Fridays:
    1:00 pm to 7:00 pm.

No moves/deliveries permitted on Sundays or statutory holidays

Moves and deliveries must be booked with the Management Office. Regrettably, staff cannot accept deliveries on your behalf – you must be present. Reservations are made and are on a first come, first serve basis.

A refundable deposit of $250 must be paid for the elevator booking. An inspection of the elevator will be made prior to and after the use of the elevator. Once the inspections have been completed and there are no scratches or damages made to the elevator, the applicant may collect the deposit from the management office on the next business day.

All cardboard and boxes should be removed from the site by the moving/delivery people. Otherwise, you must break them down and place them in the designated recycling room located on the ground floor.

Hours for disposing Appliances

This is confined to two days only:

  1. Monday:
    9:00 am to 7:00 pm;
  2. Tuesday:
    1:00 pm to 7:00 pm.

Hours for disposing Furniture

This can only be made on Wednesdays only: 9:00 am to 7:00 pm.

The reason for restricting the day and time is that management wants to shorten the time of placing the junks in public area pending for picking up, as junks will attract junks very quickly.

Enterphone system

The key feature of the enterphone system is that it operates through your regular telephone network. You have the convenience of using your own telephone for both regular telephone service and as an enterphone system.

When you receive calls from the Concierge, your phone will ring with a distinctive sound being – two quick rings even though the telephone is in use for an outside telephone call.

Lobby calls are limited to 60 seconds and a warning tone is heard 10 seconds before the call is disconnected. In that case, you can call the Concierge to check the call.

Keys, access cards, and remote controls

All residents have been supplied with Security Electronic Pass Cards and they can also purchase the garage remote control. The cards are for use at the main building entrance including the applicable access and to access the garage as well.

For access to the Recreational facilities and the locker room, the access card has to be deposited at the concierge for exchange of the key to the facilities. It is essential that your access card and remote control for the garage are kept in a safe place. Should you lose your remote or card, notify us immediately so that we may de-program the lost one and issue a replacement at a nominal fee.

NOTE: ACCESS CARDS are equivalent to ACCESS FOBS, both are in use.

Suite keys

All suite door keys are on one master key, unless the lock has been changed. The master key system allows us to gain immediate access in case of an emergency such as fire or flood. It eliminates the need to go down to the management office and pick up a key. Safety chain/ double locks, etc., may not be attached to suite entry doors without consent from the Board of Directors.

Should you decide to change your lock, you are required under the Rules and Regulations for the Condominium that the lock is re-keyed to suite the master key.

Intercoms / airphones

An intercom is a device which has been installed in various areas of the throughout strategically selected common areas. It is a direct intercommunication system between the Concierge and the stations throughout the building. The user can talk and listen after pressing the button.

In-Suite alarm panel

Each suite is equipped with an alarm panel that can be activated before you leave home or retire for the night. The alarm panel is connected to the Concierge and any interruption such as a door opening will send a signal to the Concierge advising them of an illegal entry.

To arm your suite, enter the four-digit code. A light will flash in the area marked ARMED. To disarm the panel, enter the four-digit code. The area marking STATUS indicates that the alarm is disarmed. Please refer to the related operation manual.

Axiom II Safe Suite Operation Manual


The building has a recycling program – please participate. Although a little extra work is needed by you (and the building staff), in the long term recycling will lower garbage collection costs and ensure the landfills last longer and benefit everyone.

Recycle bins are located in the recycling room on the main floor.

Listed below are the items that may be recycled:

recyclable material
  • Glass bottles and jars (washed)
  • Metal cans for food or drinks (washed, placed loose lids inside)
  • Plastic bottles & jugs (please remove caps, flatten if possible)
  • Aluminum foil and containers (pie plates, baking pans, take out food tray)
  • Corrugated cardboard, cleaned pizza boxes ( no longer than 2' x 2' x 1”, flatten)
  • Newspapers, magazines, and catalogues, telephone books, books
  • Egg cartons, paper rolls and paper bags
  • Cereal boxes, detergent boxes and shoe boxes
  • Household paper (junk mail, envelopes, writing and computer paper)
  • Gift wrap, cards (no ribbons or bows)

Please do not leave any plastic bags. Please adhere to the depository instruction. One unsuitable item other than the above, will result in rejection of the complete bin.

For more info go the City of Toronto website

Visitor parking

  • No unit owner, or members of his or her household or resident of a residential unit shall park upon any visitor's parking unit.
  • Each and every visitor must register PERSONALLY on the Visitors' log.
  • ALL VISITORS with cars are to ensure that a parking permit is obtained from the Concierge.
  • The parking permit must be DISPLAYED CONSPICUOUSLY on the dashboard of the visitor's vehicle.
  • A maximum of 3 overnights parking permit can be obtained from the Concierge weekly from Friday to Thursday. Extended perking permit for visitors shall be issued from the Management Office, subject to the approval of the Board of Directors.


bicycle roomBicycles of the residents must be registered in the management and parked in the Bike Room on P1 garage.


Ensure that all articles stored in lockers are kept within the space you have purchased. Remember that you have purchased the locker space itself not the area above or around the enclosure.

We encourage you to ensure all items within the locker room are kept elevated from the floor, and that the items are placed under a plastic cover as the Corporation is not responsible for any items which are damaged as a result of water leakage. Do not store gasoline, propane or any other combustible.

Guest Suites

There are two guest suites available for occupancy by your guests. The guest suites are under the shared facilities that May Tower I and May Tower II shared the use. These guest suites are one-double-bed rooms. These rooms can be reserved through the management office at May Tower II at a nominal fee. The office is only allowed to take reservations for the rooms no more than six months in advance. Maximum stay for a guest of a resident is fourteen nights. Guest suites are not to be used for business accommodation.


If you see any vandalism, please report it immediately. The money spent repairing damage caused by vandalism could be better used on the building programs or equipment upgrades.

Remember it is YOUR money!

Also note that you are legally and financially responsible for your visitors anywhere on the property.


All residents and their guests are requested to have consideration for their neighbours on all sides. Loud music, boisterous parties in overcrowded apartments, uncarpeted floors, obnoxious conduct or an unwillingness to restrict such behavior will result in action being taken by the management and on site staff to obtain compliance. Please remember that you are living in a building with other people.

Bumping, banging or drilling on walls or floors especially non-carpeted floors will be inconvenient to your neighbours. Please also consider others when entertaining. Should someone show complete lack of consideration of your right to peace and quiet, please call the Concierge and put your complaint in writing to the management. In emergency situations, call the police directly and advise Concierge/management.